360 Integrated campaign to launch a new home and family shopping centre in Lithuania. We played around with the Ø letter to show how NØRDIKA isn't your avergae shopping centre.

Radio: The sound of shopping at NØRDIKA
VO: “This is the sound of the last parking space being taken”.
Male: “Arrrgh”. (angry)
VO: “This is the sound of spending 4 hours trying to find the perfect shade of blue. 
Female: "pfffh" (exhausted)
VO: “This, however, is the sound of finding everything you need and more. 
Group: “Øøøøø!” 
VO: “NØRDIKA Shopping Centre, convenient home and family shopping located next to IKEA”.

Radio: Ribbøn cutting
VO: 3,2,1 and cut! 
Crowd voices: ØØØØØØ! (clapping) 
VO: Come down to NØRDIKA’s opening weekend on the 26th- 28th of september. For family fun with entertainment, food, music and more! We are located right next to IKEA. 
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